Positions that take action first are disadvantaged. And positions that take action later are said to be advantageous because they can judge the actions after other players' actions.

In an incomplete information game (the opponent's hand is not visible, shogi is a complete information game), the amount of information will be advantageous. Later positions that can act after getting information of other players' actions are advantageous.

The position on the left of BTN, a position where you must bet half of the blind. With the right to fold, call and raise after BTN action in the Preflop.After the flop you must act first, so it is a disadvantageous position. Also, even in the preflop, BB action is refraining from behind, so it is difficult to take drastic action.

The position on the left side of SB, a position where you must bet the blinds. With the right to fold, call (check) and raise after SB in the preflop and need to take action next to the SB after the flop. In the preflop, you can take action at the very end, but after the flop, the position is disadvantageous except for the SB, so it is not a good position.

The position on the left side of BB. Need to take action first in the preflop. Since the position is disadvantageous except for SB and BB after the flop, it is said to be under the gun in the sense that it is a dangerous position as the muzzle is directed. It is considered a position that requires a fairly strong hand because it takes action first with only its own hand (hole card).

A position requires action early. It varies depending on the number of players. In the case of a 10-person table, UTG and the two people on the left are generally called early positions. In the case of 6 players, only UTG will be in early position.

The position actions are taken in the middle in each round. In a 10-player game, it is common to call the 3 players performing the 4th to 6th actions in the preflop as the middle position. While 6-players, it will be 2 players on the left side of UTG.

The position before the BTN.

The best position for the last action position. In many cases, a button with a disk-shaped DEALER is placed in front of the player. Something is placed, whether online or live.

Starting hand


Pocket pair

A combination of two cards of the same rank, 22 is the weakest and AA is the strongest one. AA is the strongest starting hand of all. If the A pocket has a one-to-one heads-up when the opponent is a random hand, there is an 85% win rate. 2 pocket pairs are 50%.



A hand that is easy to straighten with a combination of ranks such as 54 and JT. 32 is also a connector, but some pro players don't think so because there are few cards required to be straight.



It is a hand easy to flash by combining two of the same suit, such as 2 heart or 2 club cards. However, in the starting hand win rate, the difference between off-suit and suited win rates is only 2-3%.


Suited connector

with the same suit, a combination of consecutive ranks like 54 and JT. A hand that can be either straight or flush. The medium-ranked suited connector has the best win rate against AA and KK in heads-up.


(Suited) Gapper

A combination with an empty rank like 64 and J9. When one is free like 64, it is called a one-gapper, and when two are free like J8, it is called a two-gap. When three are free like J7, it is called a three gaper, but it is not seen well.


Premier hand

Upper hands like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, AKs, AKo, AQs, and AQ. Among them, Some people think only AA and KK are premier hands. With starting hands,It is common to enter from a raise because the strongest possibility at the time of the preflop is very high.