Celebrities who love poker


Cristiano Ronaldo

A player who is often described as the best soccer player in the world by soccer players.

In recent years, online poker rooms are said to have been increasingly promoted to regions outside the US and Europe, such as South America and Asia.

Rafael Nadal, the world's best tennis player, also has a contract with the same room.


Ben Affleck

American actor, screenwriter, film director, and film producer.

Ben Affleck is famous for his smartness. After discovering that he did "card counting" in 2014, he was expelled from all casinos in Las Vegas, but it proves that he always has the ability to think based on a tremendous amount of information.


Matt Damon

An American actor and screenwriter.

Regularly witnessed at various Vegas casinos.


Michael Phelps

United States swimmer. Height 193cm. Weight 91 kg. Gold medalist for the Olympic and World Swimming Championships. Born in Baltimore, Maryland.

According to Phelps's best friend, Phelps seems to be applying the spirit of the casino that has helped a lot in the pool, “Don't quit until you win”, and he enjoys the casino.


Tobey Maguire

United States actor. (Starring Spider-Man series)

Toby participates in poker that was held twice a week at Beverly Hills' luxury hotel, and from 2006 to 2009, he received $ 300,000 in poker stakes from hedge fund manager Bradley Ruderman.



A hip-hop MC, hip-hop musician and actor from Texas, USA, raised in St. Louis, Missouri.

In addition to the WSOP, he participates in competitions held outside the United States (such as EPT Monaco). He also used Texas Hold'em play scenes for his PV, he seems to like poker very much.

Pro poker player


Naoya Kihara

As Japan's only world tournament title winner, this year also appeared in various media. Also, the third book, “You just have to do what you want once in your life! The University of Tokyo Graduated Poker World Champ Success Teaching” was published.

In online tournaments, he won second place in the Sunday Million (6703 players) and $ 150,000.

In the live tournaments, he won 7th place in the $ 10,000 7 Card Razz event at the WSOP and $ 41,000. Second place in APPT Seoul High Roller Event, $ 45,000. Second place in the 8 game event of LA Poker Classic, $ 24,000.