Important Notice

In order to maintain fairness in attracting customers to our franchises, we kindly request that franchise applications aimed at simply releasing spot information and event details do not proceed.In addition, even if you subscribe to a paid course, any application that does not meet the criteria described in the guidelines for releasing information will be rejected.Please review the guidelines carefully before submitting your application. Thank you for your understanding.


Free /Month
  • Member upper limit: 100
  • Event upper limit: 250
  • Number of timers: 1
  • Structure: 5
  • Spot upper limit: 2
  • Club website service: ×
  • Notification services: ×
  • Free Ads: ×
  • Customer support: ×


¥3,780 /Month
  • Member upper limit: 1000
  • Event upper limit: 5000
  • Number of timers: 3
  • Structure: 50
  • Spot upper limit: 10
  • Club website service: ×
  • Notification services: ×
  • Free Ads: ×
  • Customer support: ×


¥21,600 /Month
  • Member upper limit: 10000
  • Event upper limit: 50000
  • Number of timers: 10
  • Structure: 250
  • Spot upper limit: 50
  • Club website service: ×
  • Notification services:
  • Free Ads: ×
  • Customer support: Workdays 11:00~18:00


¥54,000 /Month
  • Member upper limit: No upper limit
  • Event upper limit: No upper limit
  • Number of timers: No upper limit
  • Structure: No upper limit
  • Spot upper limit: No upper limit
  • Club website service:
  • Notification services:
  • Free Ads:
  • Customer support: 10:00~19:00 Except holidays

Member upper limit: Maximum number of members for registration

Event Upper limit: Maximum number of events (including tournaments and ring games) that can be set and managed in the system

Number of Timers: Maximum number of timers that can run simultaneously

Structure: Maximum number of structures that can be registered and managed in the system (one structure can be set for multiple games)

Spot upper limit:Maximum number of spots that can be set and managed in the system (the spot can be set individually for each game)

Club website service: Club website production services are available. The service will automatically generate an independent website based on various information entered into the system.Reference:Coner Pocket HP

Notification services:Push notifications to your club members' Poker Fans App (limit on number of pushes varies by courses)

Free Ads: Posting Ads for free on the Poker Fans app and homepage(advance application is required for each posting, posting is not 100% guaranteed)

Customer support: Time to handle system related issues or related inquiries (please use email only unless it is a special case)

※The functions of the above items will be limited if the upper limit is reached. Please consider upgrading the course.

Membership information

The description on this page may differ from the actual display of the system. Please refer to the description of the actual page displayed when selecting the courses.

1. Log in to the club system

Using the created club account, from Poker Club system ‘s login page of the system.

※If you have not created a club account, please log in after creating an account through the "Create account" on the login page.
※If there is an error when logging in for the first time, please log in again after completing the authentication through the "authentication" email sent to the email address you filled in when you created your account.
※If you have forgotten your password, please reset your password through "Forgot the password?" on the login page.

2. Select the course for the first time

After logging in to the system, please find in the left menu "System" and "Course" then click to open.

Select the course, click the "Subscribe" button to complete the credit card payment and the subscribe contract. The "Subscribe" button section will display the expiry date of the course.

※When there is an error on the webpage, please try to refresh the webpage or try again with other browser. Computer operation is recommended.
※If the payment cannot be completed after several attempts, please confirm whether it is due to the credit card usage limit (or the balance of the Debit card). You can also pay with other credit cards, or consult your credit card company.

3. Course Change and Renewal

Course Change

Select the changed course and click the "Subscribe" button to pay by credit card to complete the change. The difference will be refunded or made up in the next settlement fee. Please confirm the receipt sent to your email for fee details.

Course Expires

When the automatic debit of the credit card fails, the system functions will no longer be available after the course expires. If you would like to continue using the system, please select a course and click the "Extend" button to pay with the same credit card, and the course renewal is complete.

※When you click "Extend" to renew, you cannot change to another credit card. To change your credit card, please confirm "Change Credit Card" below for processing.
※After the automatic debit of the credit card fails, a failure notification email will be sent to your mailbox. Please check the email and deal with it in time.

Change Credit Card

Please click the "Free use" button of the free course to change the course. After that, please use the new credit card to select the course you want to subscribe and subscribe again.

※ Your club's data will not be deleted due to a brief change to the free course.
※After changing to the free course (ie, canceling the contract), the remaining usage period of the original course will not be discounted or refunded.

4. Course Cancellation

Click the "Free use" button and change to the free course to complete the cancellation.

※After changing to the free course for a certain period of time, the data exceeding the course limit will be deleted. If you subscribe the previous course again, the deleted data cannot be recovered.
※Once the contract is terminated, the original course will be discontinued, and the remaining period of use of the original course will not be discounted or refunded.


1. By subscribing the course, you agree to the Poker Club Terms of Service of the provisions.

2.The contract for subscribing in the course is an electronic contract, and documents such as the contract will not be sent separately.

3.When the course expires or the contract is terminated, the information you post and display on Poker Fans will be automatically cancelled.

4.Events on Poker Fans are posted and displayed in descending order of course amount. For the same course, use "Hold time" and "Popularity" to show order.