・ Check: do not add a wager

・ Bet: add a bet

・ Fold: end participation in a hand

・ Raise: after another player bets, add another wager

・ Call: make the same amount as the wagers of other players

・ All-in: bet all your chips

Hand rank (strength of role) * from the strongest role (probability calculated with 7 cards)


Royal flush

Combination of 10 ・ J ・ Q ・ K ・ A and flash

Probability: 0.0031% (4,324 / 133,784,560)

Straight Flush

Straight flush

Straight and flush

Probability: 0.0311% (41,584 / 133,784,560)

Four of a Kind

Four of a kind

4 cards with the same number

Probability: 0.168% (224,848 / 133,784,560)

Full house

Full house

One pair and three of a kind

Probability: 2.60% (3,473,184 / 133,784,560)



5 cards all of the same suit

Probability: 3.03% (4,047,644 / 133,784,560)



5 cards in a row (the mark can be anything)

Probability: 4.62% (6,180,020 / 133,784,560)

Three of a Kind

Three of a kind

3 cards with the same number

Probability: 4.83% (6,461,620 / 133,784,560)

Two pair

Two pair

2 pairs of identical numbers

確率:23.5%(31,433,400 / 133,784,560)

One pair

One pair

2 cards with the same number (3 can be anything)

Probability: 43.8% (58,627,800 / 133,784,560)

High card

High card

A hand that does not fall into any other category

Probability: 17.41% (23,294,460 / 133,784,560)

Strength when the same rank is made

If two players make the same rank, determine the strength of the hand as follows. The card strength is A> K> Q> J> 10> ...> 2.

・ First, compare the ranks of the “major parts” of the hand (Compare paired cards for one pair, compare the larger pair for two pairs,compare three cards for three of a kind).

・If 1 is the same, compare the highest ranked cards of the kickers (remaining cards).

・If all are the same, it is considered a draw

In the case of a draw, the betted chips are drawn and divided equally among the players who are ranked first. However, if there is a fraction that does not break in the chip unit, normally it is given to the person took action first.