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General support for operations related to poker stores!
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Automatically sync between iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and FireTV!
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Synchro timer

Timer info can be synchronized to each device. Even a large-scale MTT can be operated with just one terminal.

Timer Manual PDF

Operational support

General operations are supported such as registration and editing of events, reception of players, progress of the event, organizing the results and information disclosure.

System Manual PDF

Attracting customers

Event info can be distributed to SunVy Poker and Poker Fans members operated by our company, and events can be promoted.

Customer Attraction PDF

System introduction


You can register and edit tournaments, structures, and rankings, repeat holdings, release, and report the results after the opening.


Scan the QR code to register or receive a membership. Chips and points management and push notifications can be distributed also.


It can be operated on any device with the synchro timer. Seats movement and bust operation can be done easily with one finger.


All you have to do is push the event result processing button to automatically distribute prizes, points, and calculate rankings.

Poker Club

Japan's first multi-device sync poker timer! Time, stack, player info are automatically synced between iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Fire TV.

Applicable from large-scale MTTs to one-table tournaments. The hassle of wiring between a PC and a TV and troublesome timer operations are eliminated.

General support for daily event-related operations such as tournaments, structures and members management, and players reception.

The Poker Club platform consists of a management app and management system for stores, a Poker Fans app for players and an official website. Use the support system to use the general functions of store management.

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