• Sit down

    Sit freely in a vacant place in a casino, but who is next to you in Texas Hold'em is a very important factor. Usually, when playing in tournaments or relatives, the order of seats is determined by number tags or playing cards.

  • Dealer button position

    Next step, the dealer button position is determined.

    To determine the position, the dealer distributes one card to each player, and the person with the highest rank becomes the position of the first button.

  • Card distribution

    Each player is dealt with two cards (hole cards or pocket cards) on the back and the game starts. Only the two cards are dealt to each player and it needn't to open to other players except when a showdown is performed. And be careful not to be seen by other players.

  • Preflop

    Once the cards are dealt, the betting round begins. This round is called “preflop”. Bets are placed clockwise from the left of the big blind. At this time, the big blind corresponds to the opening bet, so the first player cannot check. The small blind player pays the remaining half price to call. If there is no blind, bet from the left side of the dealer button.

  • Flop

    If two or more players remain after the preflop betting, the dealer places three cards face up on the table, and this is called “flop”. The three cards are common cards (community cards) for all players. The next bet is made clockwise from the player to the left of the dealer button when all cards are dealt.

  • Turn & River

    At the end of the flop betting round, the dealer opens another common card. This card is called “Turn (or Force Street)”. Similarly, when the betting round in the turn ends, the dealer opens the last common card. This card is called “River (or Fifth Street)”.

    If more than one players remaining at the end of the river betting, a showdown will be performed to determine the winner.

  • Showdown

    If more than one player remains after the last bet, a showdown is performed.

    Showdown is to compete for the strength of the hand using the strongest combination of the two cards in the player's hand and the five community cards.

    You can use both at hand, just one, or not at all. The player with the strongest hand can win the pot.