Fee: 2,000

Start: 12月09日(Sat) 18:59

Closed: 12月09日(Sat) 23:00

Entries: 0 / 10

Status: Closed

【PR】 PokerSnowie 感謝祭開催中!

賞金総額120万円相当、毎月ラストの日曜日14時に Fans Poker アプリ内にて無料参加!

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Event descriptions

▼RingGame 詳細
    ステークス : NL 2-5 / FL 5-10
    レーキ : 10%(cap5bb)

     250p : ¥2,000
     500p : ¥3,500
   1000p : ¥6,000
   1500p : ¥7,500
   2000p : ¥8,500

     ~500p : ¥1,500
   ~1000p : ¥2,000
   2000p~ : ¥2,500

▼HIghHand Jackpot(※NLHのみ)
       ・Jackpot Poolから70%を付与
        Jackpot Poolから30%を案分付与

▼BadBeat Jackpot(※NLHのみ)
       ・Jackpot Poolから50%を付与
        Jackpot Poolから25%を付与
        Jackpot Poolから25%を案分付与


東京都中野区 中野5-32-4 中野ステーションハイツ504 club FILL 中野P-labo.




Tournament settings

Game type Mixed Hold'em
SP payment No
Limit type Mix Limit
Seats 10
Start chips 250
Reentry No
Rebuy No
Addon No


Level Small / Big Ante Duration GameType BetLimit
1 25 / 50 -- 180min Texas Hold'em No Limit


Please agree to the following before applying

If player's number is less than the minimum number, the event may be canceled. If there isn's another event instead, the entry fee will be returned.

After completing the entry, you will be automatically registered as a member of the organizer. Personal info other than the poker ID, nickname, and profile photo will not be disclosed.

If the event is canceled due to Force majeure, the paid entry fee will not be returned and neither an alternative event is guaranteed.

Please present your poker ID and nickname to the staff on the day of the event before joining.